In a bit more detail...

Have a question about Hack of The Sexes? We've answered some of the most common questions and will keep adding information based on what you want to know. Is your question not answered below? No problem. Send us an email and we'll get you squared away.

  1. What is Hack of the Sexes?
  2. Hack of the Sexes is an event during which the gender battle takes on a whole new role. As a first of its kind event, participants will decide whether they would like to work within same sex teams or combined teams. Each will have a chance to defend or modify their choice during the competition—all while creating technical solutions that improve their community.

  3. When and where will it take place?
  4. Hack of the Sexes will take place at Kauffman Labs on April 26 – April 27.

    Rough agenda includes:

    6:00pm - Show up and get acquiainted
    6:30pm - Ashley Z. Hand, KC Chief Innovation Officer, keynote speaker
    6:45pm - 1 minute pitches
    7:30pm - Team formation
    8:00pm - Get Started

    8:00am - Back at Kauffman
    3:30pm - Wrap up working
    4:00pm - Circle up and complete presentations
    4:30pm - Presentations begin
    6:00pm - Presentations conclude and judges meeting
    6:30pm - Award Presentation
    7:00pm - PARTY like it’s 1999

  5. Why the gender battle?
  6. A gender battle provides a unique and edgy marketing angle that has sparked interest in our city. We are testing the hypothesis that gender mixed teams produce better results, and the competition is designed as an experiment to produce meaningful data.

  7. What type of teams can be formed?
  8. During registration, you can choose to be on an all-women, all-men or mixed team. Friday night, after the one minute pitches, teams will form based on the ideas pitched and your team preference selected at registration.

  9. Who can participate in Hack of the Sexes?
  10. Anyone can participate in Hack of the Sexes. It requires individuals with a broad range of skills. We are looking for designers, artists, educators, students, entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, developers—anyone who is up for the challenge, has a passion for changing their community and is willing to contribute. Before the competition, we will email the group problems gathered from different city officials. Participants can also bring their own problems and ideas to the competition.

  11. How does the mentorship program work?
  12. We have taken the role of giving back one step further. We are purposely inviting students to the event with the goal of establishing connections with mentors. Students who sign up and participate will be assigned a mentor during the event to enhance their hackathon experience. The number of students participating will be limited to ensure the mentor/student relationship is positive for all involved.

  13. How can companies or organizations get involved?
  14. We are looking for companies and organizations who are passionate about promoting diversity in entrepreneurship as well as committed to solving civic issues with technology solutions.. Support by organizations may include:

    • Contribute data, code or a challenge to support the event.
    • Support by contributing resources or funding.
    • Promote the event and encourage subject matter expertise, employee and citizen participation.
    • Attend the Hack of the Sexes.
  15. How can city, state and federal government help?
  16. We are looking for city, state and federal government agencies who are interested in supporting events in our community. Support by government and/or city leadership may include:

    • Contribute data, code or a challenge to support the event.
    • Promote the event and encourage subject matter expertise, employee and citizen participation.
    • Attend the Hack of the Sexes.
  17. Are you looking for sponsors?
  18. Yes, we are looking for organizations who share our passion for improving our community, are committed to promoting diversity in entrepreneurship and want to help support Hack of the Sexes with either resources, funds or in-kind sponsorships! If that is you, contact us!

  19. What is a civic hacker?
  20. Civic hackers are designers, artists, educators, students, entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, civil servants, scientists&emdash;anyone willing to collaborate with others to create open source solutions using publicly-released data, code and technology to solve challenges relevant to our neighborhoods, cities, states and country.

    Innovation is changing so that our traditional role is not just the givers of form, the definers of a ‘user’ experience, the builders of things. We must focus on positive outcomes. Success should be defined by having a meaningful contribution to our world.

    A few examples of important current issues:

    • Citizen engagement
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Education
  21. What is your mission?
  22. Our mission is to engage the community with opportunities to address civic problems with technology solutions and building the relationship between innovators and the city they live in. We want to focus on problem solving as a means to learn.

  23. What is the code of conduct?
  24. You’re probably aware that a lot of events have been having increasingly more problems with jerky behavior. In case it’s not obvious, we will not tolerate this at Hack of the Sexes. In case you aren't sure what we're talking about, here’s a summary of the things we don’t want at our event: jokes or offensive comments about sex/sexuality/race/religion/size, showing porn in public, touching people uninvited, or continuing to interact someone after they’ve asked you to stop. If someone is bothering you, please tell Sarah, Erica or Jason immediately and they’ll take care of it.

    Be kind. You'll make more friends that way.